First date – Do’s & Don’ts!

A lot of pressure rides on first dates. They’re basically like interviews, but instead of selling your professional skills, you’re selling your personality, which can feel a lot more daunting. Rather than presenting yourself as employable and capable, you hope to come off as interesting and attractive, which is easier said than done. Add dating apps into the equation, where dates are essentially blind, and you can expect even more stress to be added. Basically, a first date is make or break when it comes to finding a romantic partner.

Lesson number one: Don’t wear super uncomfortable shoes just because they look good with your outfit—style is not worth struggling to keep up with your much taller, flat-footed date taking lengthy strides down brick streets. Aside from my personal mistakes, casually dating so often has helped me weed out the things I am and am not attracted to, and it’s usually obvious from the very first encounter.

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