What is your ‘Why?’

It’s so important to know your Why.

Is it because you’re bored? Lonely? Looking for validation? Wanting attention? Or perhaps you’re really ready for something more.

Most often than not, people think they are simply ready for something more, but their actions show that’s not really the case. And that’s totally fine! But you shouldn’t be online dating until you can honestly say through your words, your actions and your emotional availability that you’re ready to share your life with someone.

Online dating fatigue is real – and we’re trying to prevent this from both ends. We’re trying to prevent you from experiencing online dating fatigue by minimising the time you spend engaging with online dating platforms. It could take, on average, 3 months to make a connection decent enough that would make you want to delete your apps for that time being. If you’re using dating apps 3 months before you’re actually ready to share your life with someone, by the time you get to the point where you are more emotionally available, you feel fatigued as you’ve already been running in circles for the past 3 months. This means now when you’re more likely to meet a great person with whom you have a connection, you’re fatigued and over it, which could lead to reduced interest in someone you’d otherwise be pretty interested in, pessimism, etc.

For the next 3 months, this will be your 4th,5th, and 6th-month online dating, but just your first, second and third month being emotionally available. You had more to give in that first month out of the fourth. I know, it’s hard to admit to yourself that you’re not emotionally available for anything serious. Sometimes we even think we are, but when the option comes along then we make excuses and maybe realise that we aren’t as ready as we thought we were. We want to help you figure out if you’re emotionally available to date, or not.

Do you find yourself making excuses, cancelling, or not being interested, you enjoy the idea of having someone but making it a reality is not a step you can take right now. So why are you dating? Is it the practice? Company? Ego boost? If it’s not for any reason besides ‘i’m ready to date someone if the right person comes along’ then you are contributing to the pool of users who are helping create this online dating fatigue. You aren’t as available as you think you are and if this is you, you should go and live your life without worrying about online dating just yet.

But perhaps you are ready, and you don’t resonate with these thoughts and feelings mentioned above. If that’s the case, you’re in for a wild ride. Online dating is a little bit of everything, but it’s not easy! Improve your experiences and take advantage of our limited-time free offer and get your profile optimised for free by the experts + receive communication resources to help your online dating journey.
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Remember, it’s not you, it’s your profile.

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