We are an online dating support agency here to support and educate you throughout your online dating journey.

It is so important to have sensible expectations once you’ve implemented your new profile. Depending on the type of existing user that you were and the various habits you may have developed is dependant on how the following weeks after implementing your new profile could be. It is important to be consistent and active for 4 weeks after implementing your new profile. Do not delete and re-download the apps and aim to browse through the apps at least 3 times per week. The apps algorithms need time to work and adjust after implementing a new profile and adopting new online dating habits. There is no rush and room for stress when you’re online dating, be calm, ready and open and enjoy the ride. Give yourself 4 weeks of consistency after implementing your new profile to really start noticing a difference.

Your personal information provided cannot legally identify you in any way. Your supplied information is securely stored in our database and is unable to be accessed by any third party. We do not use the information provided for anything except building your personal online dating profile.

Yes, we are here to provide as many resources to you as we possibly can. We are here to support and educate you in the way that you need. 

It’s time to online date, consistently. Everyone’s journey is different so it’s important that you give yourself the best chance of success. You need to actively use your apps, match with people, initiate and continue conversations and always keep swiping.

Within 4 weeks of consistent use after implementing your new profile you should begin to see improvements. These can present in many ways such as feeling less stressed or panicked when going to open your apps, wanting to delete the apps less often, actually looking forward to online dating, enjoying conversations with people on the apps, manually un-matching with less people, etc.

We recommend you actively use your app about 15 minutes each day for browsing and swiping. As per maintaining your conversations, your personal communication habits usually come into play. It’s important to nurture a mutual connection so we strongly recommend, if you have any interest, to be as responsive as you can and continue the conversation with effort. You should set time aside each week to browse through your dating apps and be sure to return to them to maintain the conversations you are having or initiate ones you want to have. It’s important to not delete your apps, even if you want to take a short break from opening them.