How to know if you’re ready for the online dating world

You’re scrolling through Instagram and your good friend has posted yet another cute picture with their partner, looking happy and content. You have this feeling, you’re not quite sure what it means but you feel this way every time you see how happy other people are in a relationship.


You’ve been single for a while and have been fine with it, however, it’s starting to warm up and you’re starting to feel lonely. Occasionally, you have a passing thought about how it would be great if you met somebody. You go out and find yourself scanning the area to see if anyone catches your eye. You feel excited, curious, interested.


Once you feel this tingling feeling of excitement about the idea of meeting someone new, everything changes. You start opening yourself to social gatherings and talking to people you usually maybe wouldn’t. You’re flirting, enjoying the attention and finding yourself excited to get dressed up and go out. 

Remember that dating is not about finding someone to fix you or complete you. Instead, it’s about finding someone because you’re simply ready to love again. The only way you can love another human being is if you’re fully capable of loving and taking care of yourself.  


Dating can be hard, and it’s not actually all that easy to meet someone out in the real world. You’re enjoying yourself and your new-found emotional availability, but you feel like you’re going through the same cycle every time you go out. So you start wondering what other options there may be. It is only a matter of time before someone in your friendship group suggests you jump on dating apps. You’ve heard all the horror stories, but you start to think, ‘maybe, just maybe it’ll work for me.’


Online dating is a whole other world. You have to be emotionally and mentally prepared for online dating and the different experiences you could potentially have. It is well known that online dating takes time and you may be online 4 months before you even meet somebody that you want to go on a date with. It can get very exhausting and frustrating.


It’s important to give yourself the best chance of finding success online. Engaging a dating expert, such as the experts from Lets Find Love, will give you that edge when you’re online dating, to stand out from the crowd. Having your profile written for you, your images selected and even making sure you’re on the right platforms is detrimental to the experience that you end up having online. The communication resources provided take away the stress and anxiety of figuring out how to start conversations with people or continue them.


You need thick skin. At the end of the day, one thing that’s never going to change is the fact that single people come in all forms. Not everyone you encounter online is going to be kind, respectful, decent or honest. Some will be great, some will make you say “did they really just say that to me?”


If you are prepared for the worst, are not telling yourself that you’re going to meet the love of your life online by the end of the year, ready to actively start dating and learning more about the type of person that you’re compatible with and if you are not going to blame yourself or take it personally when you may get rejected online, then you are ready to online date.


If you’re realising it’s time for you to download a dating app, we are here to help! Claim our limited time only free offer and let us set you up on the right platforms, with the right profile and useful communication resources.


Remember, it’s not you, it’s your profile.

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